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    Five Centuries of Salem Architecture



                 What Happened

The Victims

Bridget Bishop
Rebecca Nurse
George Burroughs
Martha Carrier
Giles Corey

Martha Corey
Mary Eastey
Sarah Good
Elizabeth Howe
George Jacobs, Sr.
Susannah Martin
Alice Parker
Mary Parker
John Proctor
Ann Pudeator
Wilmott Redd
Margaret Scott
Samuel Wardwell
Sarah Wildes
John Willard


The Afflicted (the Accusers)

Ann Putnam
Abigail Williams
Mercy Lewis
Sarah Bibber
Elizabeth Booth
Sarah Churchill
Elizabeth Hubbard
Elizabeth Parris
Susannah Sheldon
Mary Warren
Mary Walcott


The Judges            

            Jonathan Corwin                           

                John Hathorne                                

Bartholomew Gedney         
                 William Stoughton                         

John Richards
Nathaniel Saltonstall
                   Samuel Sewall                               

Peter Sergeant

Wait Still Winthrop


Other Important People
  Thomas Brattle
Cotton Mather

Governor Phips



Spectral Evidence










































































































































































































































































































NEW for 2014

Salem Travel


Open the PDF file below for

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if you plan to visit soon.

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2014 Travel Guide PDF


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Maps (old and new) of Downtown Salem


Salem Restaurants 2014




Don't miss Pioneer Village,

a recreation of Salem in 1630.




Salem Info

   Why and How Puritans Came

          to Salem  

    John Adams in Salem

     ●Roger Conant, Salem's Founder

    ●Birthplace of America's Military  

    ●America's First Millionaire

    ●First Long-Distance Phone Call

    ●Nathaniel Hawthorne

    ●Leslie's Retreat

    ●John Winthrop

    ●London Gets the News about  

         Lexington & Concord

    ●Salem Witch Trials

    ●Roger Williams

    ●Old Glory (and Captain

         William Driver)

    ●Richard More- Mayflower passenger

    ●Quakers in Salem

    ●Salem Athenĉum

    ●Nathaniel Bowditch

    ●Elias Haskett Derby

    ●John Endecott

    ●Joseph Story

    ●Captain William Driver

    ●Puritan Names

    ●Caroline Plummer - Philanthropist

    ●Cleopatra's Barge

    ●Chestnut Street

    ●Samuel McIntire-Federalist Period 


    ●Caroline Emmerton

    ●Baker's Island Twin Light Houses

    ●Oldest Pear Tree in America

    ●McIntire District - Architecture

    ●Salem's Connection to 10 Downing








































































































































































































































































































      Heeling on Salem Sound




 Ship in Storm - by R. Scott


Derby Wharf 1890 - by R. Scott



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  Salem Travel



Open the PDF file below for information about Salem

if you plan to visit soon.

Feel free to print it so you

can take it with you.


 Travel Guide PDF


   Map of Downtown Salem
































































































































































































































































































          Salem Customhouse    








 First-rate historical fiction

about Salem and the

Massachusetts Bay Colony.





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 "Wonderful, exciting, suspenseful.

Just the right combination to keep me

 interested until the very end. Loved

the historic aspects without them becoming

boring.". -Adelheid Sasser


"From the MAYFLOWER to modern day

America, and wonderful story experience.

Two families - generational challenges

and a wonderful read." -Amazon reviewer



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